Cybertime Games - Privacy Policy

June 2019

Data collection

We only collect personal data to such an extent that is necessary for your game experience and for the correct operation of our services.
The personal data processing is based on the national and international regulations. (GDPR)
What personal data do we collect and why?
Your IDFA number (device identifier for advertisers). This ID is used for marketing porpose only.
We share this ID with third parties for personalised marketing. Allowing third parties to advertise in our games allows us to offer our services to you for free.
You can reset or disable your IDFA at any time in your device settings.
A random generated Player-ID (GUID). This ID is used to save your game progress on our servers and to provide matchmaking.
We collect device information, geolocation information and some game specific custom events. This is used for understanding how our players interact with the game, so we can improve it.
You have the right to request a complete deletion of your tracked data. If you like to remove your data please send an email to with your Player-ID. You can find the Player-ID in the settings menu of our apps.
How long do we retain your personal data?
We will retain your personal data as long as you are using our services or as long as we are legally obligated or until we receive a request for deletion.
Personal data insights: You have the right to review the data we have collected.

Third parties

Currently used third party services: Flurry Analytics, Unity Ads, Adcolony